Pediatric ENT
Evaluation and treatment of ear infections
Placement of ear tubes
Evaluation and treatment of sleep apnea
Tonsil and adenoid surgery
Complete head and neck evaluation and treatment

Sinus and Allergy
Complete evaluation of the nasal sinuses
ALCAT food allergy testing
GRASTEK sublingual immunotherapy
RAGWITEK sublingual immunotherapy
Treatment of nasal obstruction/blockage
State of the art nasal sinus surgery
Balloon Sinuplasty
Treatment of nose bleeds

Sleep and snoring
Surgical evaluation and management of sleep apnea
Surgical management of snoring
Palatal implants

Voice and swallowing disorders
Evaluation and management of hoarseness and other vocal disorders
Treatment and evaluation of acid reflux disease
Evaluation of swallowing disorders
Trans-nasal esophagoscopy

Hearing and hearing related disorders
Ear wax removal
Ear drum and middle ear evaluation
Ear infection evaluation and treatment
Other ear related disorders

General ENT
Complete evaluation and surgical management of thyroid disorders
Evaluation and management of disorders of the salivary glands
Complete head and neck evaluation and treatment of a variety of disorders
Facial trauma evaluation and management

Complete diagnostic hearing evaluation
Hearing aid evaluation and consultation
Hearing aid dispensing, fitting, verification, repair, and maintenance
Custom earmolds, swim plugs, hearing protection devices, musician’s earplugs
Assistive listening and alerting devices
Tinnitus Retraining (Neuromonics)


Balance evaluation.

Vestibular testing

Vestibular rehabilitation

Voice and Swallow

On-site speech therapy available

Head and Neck Cancer

Skin cancer excision

Moh’s reconstruction

Comprehensive head and neck cancer evaluation